Airdrop Alert - March 15, 2020

Up to $60 worth of free crypto

Can I take your mind off of bitcoin for a moment?

Every now and then, I pass along airdrops from legit projects that are worth your time and easy to participate in. Today, I have one more: Morpher.

Operating from Australia, Morpher is a trading service for stocks and crypto that uses Morpher Tokens to settle all trades. To encourage people to use the platform, Morpher is giving away up to $60 worth of tokens to everybody who signs up for the service. You can use this free money to buy stocks or crypto, both of which are probably trading at a discount right now.

Unfortunately, U.S. residents (like me) can’t participate. Everybody else can! Use this button to get your free crypto:

Note—I’m sharing this airdrop with everybody on the Crypto is Easy list. A little later this month, I’ll send another airdrop opportunity for paid subscribers only.

It’s a tough time for a lot of people. If you can, please…relax and enjoy the ride!

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