Altcoin Report - July 2023

Wall Street's future DEX?

In the coming years, we’ll see more “regulated” crypto—a cohort of projects that people consider “safe” because they’re registered with the authorities or endorsed by mainstream entities.

Does that seem odd?

Sometimes, bad-mouthing from regulators and TradFi may give you the impression they don't like cryptocurrency. The reality is more nuanced.

Blockchain technology can eliminate transfer agents, clearinghouses, and some other inconveniences and complexities inherent in legacy finance. As a result, you get transparency, security, and efficiencies that let everybody invest in all sorts of assets.

Traditional financial firms will want to patch into these global pools of capital but generally do not have the expertise or desire to do that themselves.

Today’s recommendation bridges the gap, enabling fractional ownership of traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and ETFs without forcing users to create crypto-native synthetics or asking asset providers to operate on-chain.

It also provides a marketplace where users can discover and invest in various asset-backed tokens.

The team developed its platform under the auspices of a country that has one of the biggest, most-sophisticated financial markets (not the US). It has the approvals and certifications to operate in regulated markets. Its token already meets MiCA standards.

Since releasing its platform infrastructure in February of this year, its user base has grown every month. It’s screening market makers and building its book of business. Recently, an AA-rated European bank launched its first tokenized asset on this platform.

And hardly anybody knows about it yet.

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