Altcoin Reports

List of all my altcoin reports

Occasionally, I publish reports about altcoins you may not have heard of. Read below to learn about some interesting projects that may not have gotten the respect they deserve but have tokens designed to capture value from their growth.

If all goes to plan, 75% of these altcoins will die and go to zero. The other 25% will do so well, they will more than make up for the losers.

The problem is, I don’t know which ones will do that. Neither do you or your favorite altcoin guru. Spread an equal amount of your government’s money across all of them and let the market figure the rest out!


  • Make sure you check the published date. Events and circumstances may have changed since I published these reports. I generally do not update the reports below to reflect any news or activity after publication, but I still like them.

  • This is not financial advice. Do not invest in anything based on one article posted online, no matter how much you trust the source. While I hold these tokens, my goals and strategy may not fit yours. See My Portfolio Strategy.

You might also want to get my thoughts about the top 100 altcoins. If so, read my report on Top 100 Altcoins—Which Will Survive Through the Bull Market?

***Altcoins are among the riskiest investments on earth. They are all speculative. You have no rights or privileges as a token holder. Sometimes, I report on projects before their tokens have any fundamental value. These reports reflect only my own analysis and perspective based on the time I spend researching the projects, speaking with the teams or representatives of the teams, and building an investment thesis.***

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