Market Update - June 28, 2023

A story in three acts

People say the bull market is now confirmed.

Bitcoin’s price went up long enough for people to think it will keep going up! Eight months ago, I said it’ll take months or years for everybody to think it’s a bull market. One step closer, I suppose.

Guess what?

We still don’t know if the bull market’s confirmed. Today’s update:

  • Permabull, not permabuy

  • Situational awareness (miners, metrics, funds, whales)

  • Bull market progression: one play, three acts

  • Be careful about altcoin metrics

I strongly advise you read the TL;DW below and watch the update! You miss a lot when you only read the summary.

To speed up the video (shorten the playing time), tap the circled gear button at the bottom-right corner of the video:

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