Market Update - November 15, 2023


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If you're feeling the FOMO, don't stress!

Whenever the market goes up, you will always feel like you didn't put enough money in. If you mortgaged your house and sold your car to put everything into the market at $15,600, you're probably kicking yourself for not donating blood platelets or selling your dog for more cash to buy crypto.

Try not to think about that. Let's look at what's going on with the market today. Is it really as overbought as some people think? What do you need to worry about? What can you expect?

Today’s update covers these topics:

  • Video

  • Sustainable run?

  • Tether is booming. Stablecoins, not so much

  • Prices to watch out for

  • Confirmation of Act 3

I strongly advise you to read the summary below and watch the video update! You miss too much when you get only one of them!

To speed up the video (shorten the playing time), tap the circled gear button at the bottom-right corner of the video. A playback speed of 1.5 should do ok for most of you.

I’m looking to finalize my next list of sponsors!

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