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May Recap: Five Special Charts That Your Portfolio Will Love

Key information from last month's updates, quickly summarized

Every month, I post market updates, weekly rundowns, and a monthly post in addition to special reports.

That's a lot of content! “Value,” as they say.

To help you digest that information, check out some key charts below. Read and watch my market updates for analysis, discussion, and other information (and charts!) that can boost your returns.

Chart 1: Bull Market Support Band

Experts say the bull market support band—a combination of two moving averages presented as a ribbon on a price chart—signifies the start of bull and bear markets.

It’s nonsense. Bitcoin’s price goes above and below the bull market support band all the time. In fact, some of the best opportunities came when Bitcoin’s price went below the BMSB, as I call it.

This band tends to mark a flip in sentiment, not price. Psychology, not profitability.

Above this line, people tend to be happy and optimistic. Below this line, people tend to be sad and pessimistic.

Chart 2: Accumulators, where are ye?

From April 1 to May 8, we saw growth in the number of wallets holding less than .1 BTC and 1-10 Bitcoins. Every other cohort is sideways or down.

Want to see all of these bands rising at the same time. We haven’t seen that yet.

Did you enjoy these charts so far? I'm sure you'll love the rest of them. They cover crucial insights and key takeaways you can't get anywhere else.

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