Mini Market Update - December 27, 2023

What you need to know heading into 2024

A quick market update before the new year. No video this time, but I do have some charts you need to see!


  • Summary heading into 2024

  • Altcoins

  • Dey buyin’

  • Dey sellin’

  • Bottom line

Fun fact:

If you bought crypto on any random day in 2022 and put cash into a money market fund for 5% in 2023, you did better than everybody who put cash into a money market fund for 3% in 2022 and bought crypto on any random day in 2023. 


If you ask your influencers which year was the better year to buy bitcoin, they would tell you 2023. They’d say the smart investors held cash in 2022 and bought crypto in 2023. “Only idiots bought in 2022 and held cash in 2023.”

The facts say they’re wrong. Odd market, this 🤷‍♀️

I suspect 2024 will surprise us just as much as every other year in crypto. Can’t wait!

I’m looking to finalize my next list of sponsors!

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