Weekly Rundown - March 3, 2024

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As the halving approaches and bitcoin fights for a new all-time high, bullish sentiment for 2024 is palpable.

What about altcoins? They typically outperform late in the cycle, so positioning yourself well in advance is key!

I've found a specific DePIN altcoin with massive potential. I’ll post an altcoin report about it on March 6!

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Can you believe this newsletter is almost 4 years old? Crazy how time flies. Who’s going to create a cycle theory around the launch date of Crypto is Easy?

You've heard a lot of chatter about data models and cycle theories. Depending on who you ask, they're all broken or they have all been validated.

Let’s take the market as it comes. Did you catch this week’s market update?

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In that update, I shared some crucial clues and signs that others seem to ignore.

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Bottom line: once you adjust for ETF flows, most of the recent buying pressure comes from so-called “retail” investors (people like us), not institutions and money managers.

My take: I’m always hesitant to take JPMorgan’s research at face value—they usually have an angle—but this makes sense. As we’ve seen in my market updates, genuine enthusiasm picked up in October and November, we can assume people in non-English speaking countries got FOMO as bitcoin’s price went to all-time highs in their currencies over the months that followed, and engagement across metrics and exchanges has gone up since the beginning of this year.

Wall Street ETFs help, for sure. Those ETFs have seen about $6 billion in net inflows this year, more than enough to push bitcoin’s price higher. That’s good! Is it enough to add nearly half a trillion dollars to bitcoin’s market cap? Seems like a stretch, even for a low float asset like bitcoin.

Why you should care: one more sign that market forces, not the ETFs, drive crypto prices.

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One easy way to tell: you can beat the coin flip challenge.

In this game, you win more often with heads than tails. Your goal: reach at least $250 within 10 minutes by betting on the outcome of each flip.

If you are prepared for crypto, that game should be easy. You should hit the mark 100% of the time and get there well before your time expires.

If you play that game and lose, read the educational content on the coin flip site. You’ll find some basic risk/reward and bankroll management concepts that you can easily apply to crypto, investing more generally, and all games of chance.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

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