Weekly Rundown - May 21, 2023

If it's gambling, then treat it as such

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As far as markets, prices, and narratives go, make sure you caught my most recent update on bitcoin and ethereum.

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Bottom line: some British lawmakers want to regulate crypto with the same rules as gambling.

My take: I like that idea. Throw in stocks, too. I don’t know how it is in the UK, but in the US most people depend on stocks to fund their retirements and many high-level corporate workers give up a higher salary in return for stock options. We should remind people that these are speculative investments. Use them or hold them? No problem. Once you start selling or trading them, treat them like the chips you cash out at a casino.

Why we care: it’s good to think outside the box.

Blockware Intelligence interviewed a mining CEO. Watch the video for one perspective on mining and insights into bitcoin’s energy quandary.

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I’m a big fan of altcoins but never forget that bitcoin can do everything that altcoins aspire to do, it just requires more engineering.

Ordinals, for example, were not feasible until developers implemented Taproot for bitcoin.

Lightning Network (LN) is another example of this.

With LN, businesses and entrepreneurs can unlock a whole host of new applications. (Unlike ordinals, these applications will not clog bitcoin’s blockchain). But until the past year or two, LN didn’t have the capacity to handle a lot of usage. Now it can. As LN grows, its capacity will continue to grow.

Listen to a recent Business Bitcoinization podcast episode for examples of practical applications that are already getting real-world traction.

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