Weekly Rundown - October 22, 2023

Uptober after all?

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This week, bitcoin’s price pumped after a bogus report of US approval of a spot bitcoin ETF.

Do you know what also pumped?

USDT, aka Tether. Up $600 million in one week.

Coincidence? Or the source of another stablecoin-induced bitcoin pump?

More stablecoin shenanigans! Fourth time this year.

Time will tell how durable this pump will be. I published more analysis, including trading signals and a note about the 30,000 bitcoins the US government has yet to sell this year, in this week’s update. Get it now if you haven’t gotten it yet.

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Bottom line: a multi-billion dollar clearing and settlement company bought a crypto compliance company and made it a subsidiary.

My take: this is a key step to bringing real-world assets (RWAs, essentially tokenized securities/property) to Wall Street.

Some people think RWAs are stupid. Either stick to synthetic assets or don’t even bother with blockchain!

Time will tell. RWAs are a great story and one of three big narratives for the bull market. Bonus? It’s also tantalizing, potentially transformative technology that Wall Street can get behind.

Why we care: your Discord channel is flying off the seams about a 50% pump in some altcoin (a trivial move). We see the bigger picture—legacy financial entities that can tap into massive pools of capital, quietly entering the crypto realm.

If you’ve been subscribed long enough, you’ve seen in real time the shift in crypto away from the US and US sources of capital.

Despite this clear shift, most English language content and analysis still focus a lot on what’s going on in the US—even among creators and commentators posting in foreign countries for foreign audiences.

What about China? It’s the world’s second-largest economy and the world‘s biggest trading partner. Doesn’t it deserve at least a little attention?

Presented herewith:

All that stimulus—and only a few months after Hong Kong opened its doors to crypto . . .

You may think Web 3.0 is a meme but it’s a true revolution in the way people conceptualize the internet.

In a recent episode of the Fintech Blueprint podcast, Lex examines the intersection of Web3 and Web2 legacy internet platforms. Tap this button to listen to the podcast.

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