Weekly Rundown - November 12, 2023

You win either way

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What’s the market going to do next?

I talked about this in my market update from November 8, 2023.

Lots of interesting changes in behavior, technical patterns, and metrics. Make sure you caught that update!

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So far, the year has pretty much played out as expected. If history is our guide, we’ll get a really big upswing followed by a really big crash.

Sounds good but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point something out.

When you compare today’s situation with previous situations where we’ve had similar macroeconomic, on-chain, technical, and behavioral trends, a drop to $24,000 is perfectly reasonable. We could even go up to $57,000 first.

As a result, you should not be surprised if we get “$24k magic.” As I described in greater detail in the most recent update, there are two paths to that price:

  1. The long path: market conditions fundamentally change. We’ll see the shift in my market updates.

  2. The short path: global war, financial crisis, exchange/stablecoin implosion, etc. Like the China crisis in 2015 or the COVID crash in 2020—a big drop, mass hysteria, and within 1-2 months we’re back to today’s prices.

Scroll down for poll results and some content you may enjoy.

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Poll results

In last week’s rundown, I asked “when will bitcoin’s price hit a new all-time high?”

61% of responders said next year. Most everybody else said 2025.

What will you do if we hit $70k this year?

Bottom line: The US government’s top crypto regulator, the SEC, can’t find people qualified to work on crypto. It can’t pay enough to attract good talent and when it finds people willing to work for a government wage, those people refuse to sell their crypto (a requirement to take the job).

My take: first came a haphazard, somewhat effective crackdown on crypto earlier this year (that almost sparked a global banking panic). Then came defeats in almost every crypto lawsuit that didn’t settle before trial. Regulators still insist on an irresponsibly literal interpretation of securities rules when applied to crypto. Now, the top watchdog can’t even hire people to oversee the industry.

Why are you still concerned about US regulators? The US government cannot win with its current strategy. Until that changes, you do not have to worry about the US government. My fellow US citizens will deal with the consequences. For the 96% of humans who live outside of the US, our government’s bad decisions make it easier for money, talent, and innovation to flow to their countries (which might be your country).

Why we care: we don’t stress about 30,000 US bitcoins for sale, criminal investigations into Binance, accusations of Tether fraud, Chokepoint 2.0, or any other US government nonsense your favorite experts scare you with. It’s a risk, not a reason to change your actions.

Coinflip game

The crypto market is heating up. Make sure you have the risk/reward and game theory chops to understand the strategic considerations that I and others will talk about in the coming weeks and months.

One easy exercise: the coinflip game.

Elm has a coinflip simulator that gives you a 60% chance of coming up heads and a 40% chance of coming up tails. You start with $25 and aim to reach at least $250 within 10 minutes.

Easy money. If you know basic investing (i.e., gambling) concepts, you should win more than $250 every time you play.

See how many flips it takes to reach $250!

While we’re gambling…

Since you’re in the mood to wager your government’s money on speculative, experimental financial technology, read Jennifer Whalen’s Quora post.

It’s a free strategy you can test out with a small amount of money, the Dune Token Analyzer, the Debank Whales module, and a lot of time. Tap below for instructions.

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Relax and enjoy the ride!

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