Updates to My Plan and Altcoin Reports

New "Features"

Two quick notes for the weekend and beyond.

Changing the plan (kinda)

I added a disclaimer that “sometimes, market circumstances demand we buy or sell in situations my plan does not cover.”

I still set a very high threshold for selling and keep the exit signals I’ve always had. This new tweak gives me some flexibility to adjust as circumstances dictate.

Capping the altcoins

I added a market cap limit to each of my altcoin reports.

For each report, you’ll now see a maximum market cap. Don’t buy any altcoin that has a market cap that’s higher than the amount listed in the report.

(The caps are fairly high to account for the natural volatility of altcoins.)

Success with my altcoins depends on buying at low prices. That’s going to get harder as the market rises, but you don’t want to hold back just because the price is higher today than yesterday. When altcoins run, they can run HARD before crashing—and finish their crash higher than today’s price.

Rather than try to time these moves, buy an allocation when you get a chance and hold back some cash for safety. Then, buy more when the market’s rekt.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

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